Farmer's Market Updates

We have Russets and Yukons available.  We are down to just having Baby Reds for sale (50 lb bags of Reds sold out).  We are also sold out of our Stoddard Grown Candy Onions.

Please note the following changes to our hours — Open 9 AM to 5 PM, Mondays through Saturdays.

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Choosing The Right Potato

September means potato time!  Not sure if you're needing Russets, Reds, or Yukons?  Follow the link to learn which variety is best for your needs.

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Click on the image for a recap of our first ever Stoddard Farms 5K & Farm Day!
We’ve documented our potato planting process to give you a better idea of how an Idaho Potato gets it’s start.
Find out the best practices to keep your potatoes fresh and sprout free!
Need a new recipe to try? You’re at the right spot! Click to find a printable version of our latest featured recipe.