Our farmer’s market offers a wide variety of products:

POTATOES: Our potatoes are available in 50-lb bags, 50-lb boxes, and 15-lb boxes. You can also purchase our ever popular “baby red” potatoes in small red mesh bags for use in peas and potatoes, soups, crockpot dinners, frying, etc.

Click here for more information on the different potato varieties we have for sale.

ONIONS: Our jumbo candy onions are becoming as popular as our potatoes. They are grown right here on our farm in Grace, Idaho and sold by the pound. We offer two different varieties: White Jumbo Candy Onions and Red Jumbo Candy Apple Onions.

APPAREL & OTHER ITEMS: In addition to our produce, we have many other great products for sale, including T-shirts, hats, cookbooks, gift baskets, Skruba’s potato gloves, and more. And of course, we won’t let you leave without a big helping of our freshly cooked complimentary French fries.